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Lorela Mehmeti

Project Manager

Rossana Novielli

Content Manager

Allegra Ingenito

Translation Manager

Martina Cuzzucoli

Community Manager

Andrea Bazzocchi

Editorial Coordinator

Quisilio Miraglia

Editorial Advisor


Cristian Mezzo


Production Director

Alessandra Tescione

Vice president

Production Coordinator

Claudio Landi


Production Manager


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Cristian Mezzo

Lillo Morreale


Alessandra Tescione


Rossana Novielli


Andrea Bazzocchi


Marina Fastoso


Claudio Landi


Christian Mezzo

Project leader

Our logo

A representation that has often been used especially for the historical avant-gardes, which were conceived in this way: the small circle outside and a larger circle.


This is a directional model, which represents the direction of the story from the large to the small circle. The avant-gardes are ahead. A little in the way of the runaway cyclist:  the cyclist has fled and the big one is chasing him. Sooner or later, probably, the big one takes it back.


And this is how the historical dialectic of the avant-gardes was understood: there are innovations, then everyone arrives where the innovators have arrived and there is some innovator who, again, starts again.

rapso is a social promotion association based in the heart of Bologna. A creative platform inhabited by artists, performers, writers and communication professionals. rapso develops projects related to publishing, design and performing arts in an open and shared space, fueled by constant conversations about the contemporary.

Rapso APS
Via Guido Reni 7
Bologna 40125
VAT: IT3995901208
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